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Monday, January 18, 2010

AAA Drafting Joomla site now running

Dear folks; I spent most of the weekend getting the AAA Drafting website transferred to the Joomla content management system. This should help me concentrate on putting up content instead of fighting with html and trying to be a webmaster. Which is something I dont pretend to be. I apologize for any bad links, I am still working like mad to get all the redirects in place.

Joomla is really easy to use but a horrendous drawn out pain to install. Even with help from my webhost and freinds who know Joomla. It's really something that a pro webmaster should handle, but hey I got it working. And I like it !

One of the new things I'm planning is to make it possible for visitors to add their articles to my site, because I think it makes the site more useful when it's more than just my opinions you read here. I hope to get that working very soon. In the meantime, dont hesitate to let me know what you would like to see here.


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