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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Burlington Tsuruoka Karate Dojo - a great place for kids karate

Nowadays there are plenty of karate and martial arts clubs around and often it seems that they are more interested in making money from babysitting and selling seminars than passing on the true spirit of karate - self improvement for young and old.

Today I got some great news that the Burlington Tsuruoka Karate club is reopening. This is a club with a very long history in Burlington, Ontario. Its a non profit club where excellent instructors volunteer their time. Over the past 40 years, this school has produced many champions as well as improved the fitness and life skills of countless others.

The club had to close their downtown Burlington location a short time ago due to lack of students. Now they are sharing space with a dance school which should be a much better arrangement. So if you would like a great workout and some excellent karate or martial arts instruction please pay them a visit.

Its also a great place if you have children and need to put them in the hands of instructors who teach for the sheer joy of passing on the art. Anyone who is into the martial arts knows that its not about learning to hurt people, its about learning to push your limits and learning to cope better with the world around you.

Burlington Tsuruoka Karate School
4155 Fairview Street
(at McCarthys Dance School)
Burlington, Ontario
L7L 2A4

Phone: 905-333-9100
Class times: Thursdays 8pm, Saturdays 12 noon
Chief Instructor: Sensei Stephen Chorny


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