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Friday, September 11, 2009

SiteSell eLearning Week 4 - Planning for Monetization

This week in the SiteSell eLearning course we covered Monetization Planning. This is typically the first thing new websites tackle, thinking they have to immediately post links to affiliate sales to get money coming in right away.

Unfortunately, as they discover, it doesnt quite work that way. You first have to build a reputation with your visitors. After all, most only buy from those businesses they know and trust. That trust has to be earned.

But you do have to plan for monetization based on the type of business you are thinking of creating. You want to know now, if there is going to be little chance of making money before you register your online business.

In class we discussed the basics of Google adsense, affiliate marketing and joint ventures both online and offline. Students were instructed to choose several different types of monetization techniques. The reason for this is to not keep "all your eggs in one basket" in case one monetization strategy fails.

Next week URL registration, several new online businesses go live !


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