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Friday, September 11, 2009

Cap & Trade economy an opportunity for dust collector industry

On going talks continue between the USA and Canada about implementing President Obama's "cap and trade" system to meet air pollution control objectives. The "cap and trade" system will be a boon to the manufacturers of dust collectors as well as air pollution control and monitoring equipment.

Companies that can meet and surpass emissions regulations will be rewarded with credits they can sell on the open market to companies who are not meeting the targets. Air pollution control equipment manufacturers will have more reason the ever to work closely with companies to help them achieve and exceed emission reduction.

In the past the purchase of a dust collector has been seen as a grudge purchase, something that had to be done to avoid fines by the United States EPA or the Canadian MOE. With the cap and trade system, its entirely possible that the purchase of a dust collector with the latest air pollution controls will be become a potential source of income and ultimately a profit center.


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