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Friday, September 11, 2009

Keyword search strategies for Industrial clients

If you are an industrial manufacturer or service provider using the web to promote your business its important to focus on your keyword searches. The thing is, you should not get discouraged just because keyword demand seems extremely low.

It's fine for keyword demand for words like "ipod" or "britney spears" to be in the millions of searches per month but you cant expect searches for "dust collection" and "structural steel detailing" to be just as popular.

Bear in mind that although these searches may be less than 100 searches per month, all you may need is 1 interested visitor to follow through and make a purchase. Especially if your clients normally spend thousands on a given purchase.

The other thing to consider is that these low demand keywords are very often easy to rank in the top ten for. And ranking in the top ten for a whole series of these keywords will increase the ranking and traffic of your website as a whole.


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