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Thursday, September 24, 2009

SiteSell eLearning - Day 6a Building a site that gets the click

Last night the students in the SiteSell eLearning course took their first steps in putting together all they had learned about keyword research and niche planning. Two new home pages have been created with more to follow.

Rick led off with Acoustic Guitar College. He plans to share his love of guitar playing with his visitors and encourage them to develop great technique playing whatever music they like. Blues, Rock, Country, Folk, Celtic, Open Tunings or whatever your passion might be.

Sue was next in line with Manufactured Mobile Homes. Sue wants her visitors to get a glimpse of Mobile/Manufactured homes and the parks before you purchase your new home. "Let me guide you through the home purchasing process and make it a pleasurable experience" says Sue.

These websites are just beginnings and dont reveal the extraordinary amount of effort and planning that went into their launch. What they do reveal are the basics. Present yourself in a professional manner with a clean look and feel, consistent text font, easily readable by the visitor. No fancy bells and whistles, just excellent content keyed to what vistors are asking for.


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