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Thursday, September 03, 2009

SiteSell eLearning Week 3 - keyword research

Last night the class and I finished off 2 weeks of training in keyword research, using SiteSells Brainstormit module. In the web business course we get students to research 3 seperate niches and test them to determine which niche is likely to produce the most viable business internet venture.

At this stage the focus is on finding niches that are in great demand and also niches that have verylittle being written about them on the web. We want to ensure that when we launch our business, that it will immediately get attention from visitors.

We do this demand research with vertical and lateral keyword searches. Searching allthe keywords phrases that contain a given word an also searching for synonyms that may reveal undiscovered demand. The Brainstormit module gives us the ability to test the compettion for the keyword and the how well that competition is doing in terms of traffic.

Next week we will complete our research by checking out monetization. We will determine how much income that the niches we have been researching are likely to produce. Once we are armed with that information we can make a sensible decision about which niche to register as new web business in week 5.


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