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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Burlington eCommerce Meetup Last Night

Last nights meetup was a really informative meeting with some truly interesting guests.

Jill dropped by and gave us some information about how she is using Clickbank to sell her ebook products. It was interesting to see how she uses keyword and niche research in much the same way SiteSell uses it in building websites.

Chris from Toronto Vending Services really had some great experiences to share, especially about promoting using auto responders and selling at large conferences.

Dave talked about his Bowen therapy health clinic in Aldershot and I showed him how he could build a site around the niche keywords that were relavant to his business.

Munira from Virtual Sales Consulting got some help on identifying good niche keywords for her Sales Training business.

I talked about how SiteSell Elearning can be helpful to those wanting to learn how to set up an internet business. Elearning is a 12 week course, that takes you step by step through the creation of your new business.

All in all a great meeting, I think everyone that attended learn something last night, something that they can put to use in their own businesses.

Thanks for attending, See you again next month!


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