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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finding employees on Facebook

Ever thought of using Facebook as a means of recruiting employees ? There are some compelling reasons why you might want to.

Last week an office manager told me about the success they had searching for a new receptionist using Facebook. Usually she would have placed a paid advertisement in a newspaper or might have considered using an employment agency. This time, however, the manager started from her personal Facebook profile and posted a listing in the Jobs section of Facebook marketplace.

In a matter of 1 week she had a wealth of responses. Even better, she was able to examine the Facebook profiles of every applicant to get a good idea of whether the person might be a good fit. How the person conducted themself online became a key element in her deciding to contact them for an interview. In short order she compiled a list of highly qualified applicants.

Advertising in the Facebook marketplace is free which is a huge benefit, considering the utility this service offers the small businessperson. Increasingly, people use Facebook as a starting point in their job search. When I last checked in on January 20th 2011, there were 560,000 plus job listings open on Facebook.

Consider listing your next job opening on Facebook. It wont cost you anything and you might be pleasantly surprised at the results. As well, if you are looking for a job, consider Facebook as another place to look. Just be certain your profile shows you at your best !


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