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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Go big or go home

Dealmaker Peter Pocklington used to say that it takes just as mutch time, effort and energy to build a million dollar deal as it does to build one for several thousand dollars. The same could be said about the time spent making information based content websites to attract new prospects to your business.

Regardless of whether you are trying to attract prospects to buy screen doors or complete subdivision developments you still have to devote the same amount of time, effort and energy in developing your all important online reputation.

A few simple paragraphs about how wonderful your company and product is on your home page just is not going to do the job. You need to research the customer and find out what they are searching for, and create tens if not hundreds of pages trying to address the needs of those visitors searches.

Research is never one hundred percent accurate, no matter how powerful the metrics and software behind it. It will be necessary to over-deliver on content to make sure that a good number of your pages meet the needs of the visitors and subsequently get into the top ten search results at Google and other search engines.

This illustrates the time, effort and energy part of creating the website. Those pages will consistently deliver targeted prospects for your business as the prospects come to regard you as a trusted expert source of information. It's just that you have to put a lot of work into gaining that expert recognition.

Content based information websites are a great fit for industrial companies. The recognition you get from the internet can cut though old networks developed by companies who have wined and dined and schmoozed customers at yearly conventions. It can give the new players a fighting chance.

Once you establish your online reputation, prospects will call you directly and most times they will be already sold before you pick up the phone because they believe they know who you are. All because you put all that initial time, effort and energy to develop that all important online reputation.


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