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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The ultimate piece of jewelry bling for engineers

A unique piece of jewelry made by a new company called Kinekt has got to appeal to all the mechanical engineers in the world. It's a ring that features two annular ring gears and a series of small pinions that rotate when you play with the the two annular gears.

It's made out of 316 stainless so it will never rust and is available in several ring sizes, although not every finger size is available yet. That will likely change as they get more interest in the product. No gold version yet but I guess they want to see how the ring does in the less expensive material first.

Theres a video on their website that shows the ring in "operation". I can just imagine how many engineers are going to be caught fiddling with these in the future. Not only that, I can imagine all the 3D modelers out there might want to come out with something even fancier. Just dont get your finger caught in the gears !


  • At 5:30 PM, Blogger Nitin said…

    finally !!! now we MECHIE's can make a style statement that'll set us apart from ye silver laymen .... :-)


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