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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free SolidWorks training for unemployed Engineers

Fisher-Unitech, a SolidWorks VAR in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has started offering free basic SolidWorks training to engineers who have been laid off and who normally use 2D or 3D CAD software as part of their jobs. The solidworks training normally costs $1000.00 but is being offered at no charge to help unemployed engioneers get back on their feet.

Those who are accepted into the program also get a free 30 day trial copy of SolidWorks Office Professional so they can continue honing their skills after the three day training program is complete. Check the SolidWorks Training link for more information.

Personally I think this is a wonderful idea, and its something that SolidWorks Corporation might want to get involved with so that it could be done across the country. It not only creates a lot of goodwill toward SolidWorks but once these engineers get back to work, they will stongly reccomend to their employers what 3D CAD software they should be purchasing.


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