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Monday, April 03, 2017

Solid bronze signs that wont break the bank

One modern day problem that sign companies face is having their expensive Bronze, Aluminum and Copper signs stolen. A solid metal sign is worth a good chunk of change in the wrong hands. Another problem is that these signs can be really heavy.

Fusioncast, a Canadian manufacturer on Oakville, Ontario have these problems pretty much wrapped up with their innovative combination plastic and metal casting process that leaves a thin veneer of Bronze, Aluminum or Cooper on the outside of the sign but leaves the inner core lightweight plastic.

This has been a boon for golf courses all over North America who love Fusioncasts expensive looking signs on their fairways. They also love how easy they are to install and of course the cost, which is dramatically lower than a solid metal sign.

Add to that Fusioncasts sign builder which lets website visitors design their own signs. All around it makes the whole process a getting a terrific looking sign far easier than it ever used to be


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