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Monday, April 14, 2008

Speak to Solidworks and tell it what to do

Software That Can Read Your Lips. This new development might be great for some Solidworks users. speech recognition software empowers SolidWorks® users to design with their voice, saving time and increasing productivity.

Now I can just see myself trying to get used to this piece of software. OK, Extrude, NO DARN IT, sketch...Oh Crap! Meanwhile the whole office is convulsing with laughter. But apparently this new stuff is developed by certified SolidWorks professionals and allows users to say commands, thus reducing overall hand movement and augmenting the use of additional navigation devices.

Saying, rather than selecting, a command with a mouse eliminates hunting through toolbars, menus and icons. According to the company, initial case studies conducted with SolidWorks tutorial parts show that using Xpresso reduces mouse movement an average of 60 percent and mouse clicks an average of 35 percent—these reductions add up to design that, on average, is 15 percent faster. Xpresso says less repositioning from keyboard to devices and back keeps designers eyes on the screen and mind.


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