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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New 3D Doorknob for laptops

I jokingly refer to these 3D Space Connection Mice as "3D Doorknobs" I think if I ever were to own one I would like to dissassemble it and rebuild the whole thing into and old brass doorknob. That would appeal to my twisted sense of humour. But all kidding aside, some people who are a lot smarter than me swear by the Space Connection mice made by 3D Connexion. The folks at this company have come up with a new model for notebooks.

This should make all those people who use solidworks on their laptops happy and give them one more gadget to stuff inside their ever growing laptop bags!

The SpaceNavigator for Notebooks is a compact, mobile design better suited for laptops. It measures 1.81 x 2.68 inches and weighs 0.55 lbs, while the full-sized model measures 2.17 x 2.99 inches and weighs 1.06 lbs. A travel case is also included. 3Dconnexion continues to manufacture the full-sized unit for desktop use.


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