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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Billet Wheel Ideas

Today I received a call from a hot rod car builder, looking for some custom billet wheels to be designed. The price proved to be an obstacle for a "one-of " production run as this would of been.

Billet wheels are extremely expensive to manufacture because for one thing, there is a huge amount of material that just gets turned into scrap metal, ie the chips from the machining process. There is also a cost in the wear and tear the CNC tooling gets subjected to in machining the enourmous amount of metal involved.

I was thinking it might be beneficial to supply premade cast aluminum billet wheel blanks to the wheel manufacturing industry. It would certainly cut down on the machining time and wear on tooling. It could also reduce the cost of custom billet wheels and hopefully the price to the consumer.

3D Modelling in solidworks for billet wheels


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